Why Would Jesus Come Today?

It may be difficult for some to believe that Jesus came two thousand years ago… it is more complicated for me to imagine him coming today.

Today, in a world full of such mindless, numbing despair and apathy. In a world where things don’t ever get better, we just watch the news to make sure things don’t get worse. Today, where human atrocities recorded thousands of years ago still happen in suburban and even affluent neighborhoods. Today, where you long to have your pastor or priest remind us of the hope to come not dreading if he is worse than you are…

Well the today I see and live in I find far from something worth saving. Thankfully God sees things differently and as bad as things are today, I’m sure they were bad 2000 years ago too. But why did Jesus come back then? Why didn’t he first come today? Who knows but the Lord, we can only speculate.

But with the gift of speculation I can imagine with my fellow writer and producer Dave Schwartz a different story about the first coming today instead of back then.

Director & Producer