I had a misunderstanding before conversion that the life and calling of a Christian was full of count it all happiness and worldly blessings. It isn’t.

These past ten years have been the hardest of my 31 years of life. I am not a salesman of Christianity, but I have a lot of truth to say about how my life has been changed for the better. This is my story and my life as a stumbling, crawling, dying to self again, and again… and again, Christ follower.

It was ten years ago this Easter that my heart of stone was…

I am starting to put the pieces back together… slowly… carefully, meticulously. This nightmare isn’t over, but it also won’t have the last say.

What the F*ck happened these past 9 months. Who was I 9 months ago… who am I today — different, changed, and liberated. All of my growth has been due to an unexpected slowdown due to the shutdown of Covid-19. It takes 9 months for a child to be born… I have had great growing pains this past 9 months and I am ready to embrace being reborn.

9 months ago the nightmare began… I went…

I will never forget this year, as I am sure few will. This has been my most difficult year personally, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually. In every way imaginable this year has truly been a struggle. The great irony is how large of expectations 30-year-old Spencer had for this new decade. The disappointment and loss I’ve experienced this year has often been overwhelming. Just remembering some of the terrifyingly dark days and nights takes my breath away. Why did all of this happen, and why did so much that I built and dreamed burn down? I may never know on…

Today I foreclosed on one theatre and sold another. It is a sad day. When the new decade of the roaring 20s began, I had the aspirations and goals to become the largest independent theatre chain in America one day… today I am trying to save my last theatre. I don’t know what has happened to the world, but it has all changed… every single square inch of it.

It was a month ago that we went out for the last time and celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday in public. What a gift that night was. The vines of panic were…

The day after Good Friday and before Easter — the already but not yet . I think Holy Saturday is a great opportunity to reflect on our lives today and the tension we live in daily. Christ has been crucified, and Christ lies in the tomb today. Tomorrow we know that resurrection is coming and the miracle of redemption is real, but today we wait.

We wait for a day when tears will dry, pain will be a distant memory, and shame has been destroyed. I cannot wait for the day when Jesus Christ returns once and for all and…

April 3 2020 — “Shooting Heroin” (2020) Releases on VOD and Cable Platforms Nationwide

It was two years ago this month that I wrote the first draft of the screenplay… now two years later the film finally comes out nationwide. Some of my most vivid memories are those of my past film releases. Now my fourth film that I directed and wrote on the opioid epidemic in rural America “Shooting Heroin” (2020) releases tomorrow. And yet, this release is very unique and unlike the others — this release is from home without any red carpet or fanfare, but it is too serious of a message to delay.

I remember my first premiere for the…

We are living in a dystopian world right now with the coronavirus raging. Each day the headline news is more stores, theatres, cities and states shutting down. It is dizzying to keep up with all of the latest news and coverage around COVID-19. The numbers are on the rise, and as I write this article over a hundred Americans are now confirmed as casualties of this pandemic. The country is becoming united around the idea that drastic and severe action must be taken to stop the spread of the virus while we still can.

By now there is a long…

This is a strange, bizarre time in the world. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the surreal times we now find ourselves in. A pandemic is a unique reality that is hard to navigate and predict. But one thing is certain: fear is everywhere.

Fear and despair is an awful and gripping disease. It takes my breath away. Some days my anxiety is so torturous that sun seems to refuse to rise after a sleepless night. I find myself taking deep breaths often and trying to slow down the snowball of terror. …

We are living in strange, unsure and surreal times. It is hard to navigate and operate an entertainment business which is based on bringing people together to enjoy art and experience powerful stories in our entertainment community venues.

We don’t know what the future holds but we have to try to weather this current storm and freeze our assets to attempt to save our beautiful theatres.

We expect to reopen one sunny day in the hopefully not so distant future.

Sincerely, Spencer T Folmar President & Director

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” — Shawshank Redemption

Reflection Post Tour

This weekend had the 12th and final tour stop for 2019 of “Shooting Heroin” — my fourth feature film I’ve directed, written, and produced. What a journey this has been.

I’ve been striving to be present during every screening: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some days have been tough. The toll of travel, sleep deprivation, and the unknown anxiety of who will and won’t show up has been draining. But this tour has also been life-giving in so many ways — in ways that are hard to articulate. I don’t know how to describe or do justice to…

Spencer T Folmar

Director & Producer

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